Nailing the Hiring Process

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Hiring the right Instructor is so much more than looking at a CV. Beyond having the right education, experience and insurance, instructor's need a 'je ne sais quoi' that makes them a perfect match for your brand. We've put together best practices to identify the gems and build your dream team. We at The Fit Position are firm believers that your team of instructors are your champions. If you can, try not to rush this process. You will need to invest time into it and it will be worth it.

Note: We don't touch on open call auditions in this article. If you do go this route, you can start on step 3.

1. Shortlist

This step is pretty obvious. You will undoubtedly find yourself with a stack of applicants without the basic requirements. You can do this step all at once or as the CVs come in. If you've posted a job through The Fit Position, we'll create custom shortlists daily.

2. Invite Applicants to Class

If you have time on your side, you should definitely invite applicants to attend 1 or more classes for free at your studio. If you use an online booking system, create them a profile and add a credit for classes. This way the instructors can experience the vibe at your studio and you can weed out anyone who isn't serious about the role. When said instructor reports back, you can login and see how many classes they attended.

3. Have a Coffee

Park yourself at a cafe and schedule in a few coffee dates with your shortlist. This 'casual' coffee date can be very telling - do they arrive on time? are they polite to strangers? do they make eye contact? These soft skills are all very important and should not be overlooked. Great questions to ask on the coffee date are: why they became an instructor, what types of classes do they enjoy teaching, where do they regularly practice. You can also get work visa questions and availability out of the way at this time.

4. Do a Mock Class

If you run classes with specific format, you won't be able to do this step until after onboarding. If not, have the instructor conduct a mock class for you pretending they are teaching a class. They should have music, dialogue and cues as though there is a room of people. You can cut this short if you're confident after only a couple postures or exercises.

5. Do a Trial Class

Depending on your timeline, this can happen before or after the onboarding process. It may take some juggling, but try your best to slot your new instructor in for a trial with actual clients. We're fully aware that this may mean you'll need to sub out a veteran instructor, however this class needs be paid. Studios can get a very bad reputation for conducting multiple trials without payment. Set aside some time after class for a feedback session.

Next you're onto onboarding.

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