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Updated: Oct 22, 2019

To say Brittany Bennett is a PR powerhouse would be an understatement.  She owns and operates the wildly successful Bennett PR - think Flow Athletic, 28 by Sam Wood, Jessica Sepel, Tim Robards...literally too many to name. However, it was her passion to empower small business that birthed her newest venture - Fittopia Media Hub. Fittopia Media Hub is a platform for experts to connect directly with journalists, bypassing the need for a PR agency and reducing the barrier of entry to get media coverage.

Over the course of our two hour chat, Brittany shared so much inside knowledge from her 10 years in the PR game. We’ve broken it down into bite sized chunks. Get cosy, here we go.

What is PR?

PR is the practice of managing the flow of information between a business and the public, but through a credible third party. So think of it as word of mouth on a far larger scale.

The idea is to have someone with influence, such as a Journalist, influencer or a key opinion leader (think a highly regarded expert who could influence in your field) talking about you or your product service  for free so that it is honest and genuine. Ideally their audience would be one that is relevant to your brand so you can start building awareness with that group of people. 

If you pay an influencer or a publication to promote you they need to mark the feature as ‘sponsored’ and while it still can be a powerful way of getting your message out there, it doesn’t gain the same credibility as earning the coverage. Earning the coverage shows that the Journalist likes what you are putting out there and they want to share news on you because you have a great offering or something interesting to say.

What are the different types of PR?

A few example include:  Content marketingTrial and reviewsGiving a product to an influencer for free in the hopes that they postGiving a fitness class or membership to an influencer for freeLaunch eventBusiness or entrepreneurial featureTo name a few

In this article we’re focusing primarily on content marketing, meaning getting your expertise on a certain topic featured in magazines, newspapers and online publications, positioning you as a leader in your area of expertise. 

So, you have something to say and don’t know where to start?

According to Brittany, content should be at least one of the following:

  • Relatable

  • Engaging

  • Informative

  • Actionable (eg: workout or recipe)

A good place to start is to think of your target market and what problems they may encounter, then write about the solution. Problem and solution articles within the categories above are a killer combination. You want to position yourself as the expert and also sound relatable.

Don’t be afraid to talk about your own struggles. Additionally sharing case studies/ your clients stories are also very powerful, just ask their permission first.  People want to hear a story and know that they are aligned with your values and can relate to you and what you are trying to sell. 

TRUTH #1: Being published has nothing to do with the number of followers you have. It has to do with the story you can tell. (Read that again. I didn’t believe it either).

Now you’ve come up with your story idea and posted it on Fittopia Media Hub (yipeee).

How do you communicate with journos to make the process as smooth as possible.

Structuring your content:

Make your article very easy to skim with the following paragraph format: intro, bullet #1, explanation, bullet #2, explanation, etc. Put the most important information at the beginning of the content.Remember that ‘editorial is not advertising’. You can briefly weave your product or service into the copy, but don’t do it in every paragraph as the Journalist won’t consider anything that looks like an ad Include a hyperlink to your website. Not only will this drive traffic to your site, it will help with your SEO.

TRUTH #2: You don’t need to be a good writer. Seriously. A great idea and engaging content trumps being a good writer. Journos can tweak your words, they can’t tweak your information.

Communicating with Journos 101:

They are always on deadlines. Get back to them immediately to let them know you are getting the content together for them, then try to email the actual content back to them within 2 business days .If this is impossible, let them know an ETA so they are aware of it and can plan accordinglyIf you are going to be late with delivery, be transparent.

Keen to get started? Create a profile at Fittopia Media Hub and for $25/week you can connect directly with some of the largest publications in Australia including smh,, Elle, Marie Claire, Women’s Health, Men’s Health and more. 

We’re back with Brittany next week with her tips on how to host a packed out studio launch.

In the meantime, you can find Brittany at @brittanybnet @bennettPR_ @fittopia_mediahub

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