Defining your Core Values

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Now that you have your mission statement, it’s time to dive a little deeper. If you haven’t set your mission yet, go back and read the previous post.

Your core values are the fundamental beliefs that support your mission. They are the rulebook that help you and your staff navigate right and wrong, behaviour, expectations, improvement and ensure you are all working to support your vision.

A good place to start is to think of:

  • the environment you want to cultivate; eg: an inclusive and welcoming space

  • the attitude or vibe you want to exude; eg: high, uplifting vibes

  • Personality traits and behaviours you want your team to portray: eg: honesty, self-improvement, personal growth

  • The way you want to lead your team; eg: embrace feedback and strive to do better

Next try to do the following exercise:

  1. Make a list of 8-20 values that define your business.

  2. Cull the list or combine similar values to create a list of the best 3-4.

  3. Decide the language style that best resonates with you. For example, you can use a sentence like ‘we support each other’ or a word like ‘Teamwork’.

  4. Attribute examples of behaviour to each value.

Now, I’m really going to hammer this home - be authentic and truthful. If you want your studio to give challenging classes, you may have the following:

Value: We show up to challenge ourselves and our tribe.

Behaviour: In every class we push our students to go beyond their comfort zone and reach new heights.

My point is, there is no good in preaching about being inclusive if you aren’t inclusive. Don’t create a list of values that sound good, rather create a list that represents a series of behaviours that exude you, your brand and the consistency you want to portray. Your values can be polarising and that’s ok.

Once you have your list of values, put them to work. Next week we’ll talk about how to include them in your onboarding process and build them into your regular instructor feedback.

Curious about our values at The Fit Position? You can find them here.

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