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Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Finding the right-fit instructor for your studio can be challenging. The perfect match often comes down to teaching style, voice and general vibe. So, how do you decipher these things without meeting everyone in person? There is no guarantee, but here are a few best practices you can put in place to narrow down your search, and save you time and money.

1. Do it differently with your job ad

I often see instructor job ads filled with vague descriptors like ‘enthusiastic’ and ‘passionate’. On the other end of the spectrum, there are also ads that are completely lacking, reading simply ‘Mat Pilates instructor for evening class’. You need to ditch the vague and get clear on what you want:

How much previous experience is required?

When is the instructor needed? (this is a big one)

What certification level is required?

Do you have a preferred certification institution or registration?

Do you want someone high energy, technical or calming?

Be sure to also include important details:

Are your clients experienced or beginners?

How big are the classes?

What equipment do you have?

2. Ask questions during the application process

Several platforms (The Fit Position included), allow you to ask questions during the application process. This is an amazing way to gauge the teaching style of the instructor and whether they would be a good culture fit. Examples include:

What is your favourite song to play during class?

What was the last workshop you attended?

What are your go-to websites or books for lesson plan inspiration?

3. Ask for a video

If you aren’t holding an audition, it saves a lot of the time to ask your first cut of instructors to send you a quick video. Try not to ask questions like ‘tell us why you want to work at X studio’. Instead, try to ask questions that give you more information about the candidate like ‘what is your favourite part of teaching?’ or ‘what did you learn that improved your teaching in the last 6 months?’. The point of the video is primarily to see how they sound, their general vocabulary / tone and how they present themselves.

There you have it. When it comes to fitness job ads, focus on what actually matters - teaching style, attitude, tone of voice and availability. Get to know as much as you can about the instructor through questions and video before meeting in person. Next week we’ll talk about how to nail the interview process. Stay tuned.

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