Melanie Payne

Pilates, Yoga and Functional Corrective Exercise

“Invest in yourself, learn the foundations and you have them for life!” So you’ve completed your teacher training, maybe you’ve even been teaching for some time now yet you’re struggling to put it all together with ease and flow. Many new teachers struggle with a lot of information but confused about how to now make it work in the “real world.” Mentoring will empower you to find your unique teaching style and find the perfect balance between the Science and the Art of teaching. I will show you a modern approach to the classical system without losing any of the integrity of the Pilates Method. We will fast track your learning curve big time with my proven approach. I’m ready to share with you everything that took me many years to discover and show you how you can apply it now. Together we’ll work on every aspect of your teaching. We’ll 10 x your strengths and overcome your challenges. What will you receive: - more confidence and certainty - A new skill set you will always have - A deeper understanding of every facet of teaching - An accelerated learning experience - Tools for change you can apply immediately. Who is this for: - Pilates Teachers - Yoga Teachers - Fitness Professionals. Sessions available in Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle - Private, Duo, Trio or Four people. Prices vary accordingly. Testimonials: “ Hey Pilates superstars, I did mentorship with Mel years ago for about 1.5 years. She totally helped me transform my teaching, my cueing, my confidence and my ability to connect with clients. I am more creative and centered as a teacher since meeting Mel. My career has boomed since meeting Mel” – Chrisen Presencce "This amazing powerhouse of a teacher, has taught me so much about teaching. Every time I step up to teach I have her three pieces of very personal advice that she gave me - her words roll around in my heart like a mantra. She turns a laser focus on you, expects the very best from you so that you will be the best teacher that you can possibly be and gives you the encouragement and support to get there. Be prepared to look inwards and from there move onwards." – Megan McGregor

The Fit Position 2019

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