Madina Tanekeyeva


1. Assessment We work together to understand your goals, assess your CV, qualifications, branding etc. Purpose of this section is to understand your value. What makes you special? Who are your potential clients and how you can target them? 2. Your specialty We find your niche and define the next logical steps in your career. What trainings should you do next? How can you create your own product and where should you start? We work with limiting beliefs and self-worth. 3. Teaching I share with you all the basics of anatomy and main principles of asana geometry. We look at fundamental asanas and address common issues within these poses. You learn safe and effective hand-on adjustments. These are based on energetic flow rather than external shapes. I teach you my sequencing blueprint. 4. Action plan We get very practical and work on an action plan! We come up with a workshop, retreat, special classes etc. that you can set up and teach soon. We look at structuring it and defining a great product. We meditate on manifesting. 5. Continuous mentoring Upon completion of this Program, mentees continue seeing me once or twice a month. Pricing 1 x 90 minute session: on Skype $80 / in person $120. 4 x 90 minute sessions: on Skype $250 / in person $400. I strongly recommend doing the first session in person. I see mentees at my home in Waterloo, NSW. If you want to learn about what I am all about - check out my Journal. I usually write about things that come up in Yoga Teacher Groups that I moderate. Please join my Yoga Teacher Mentoring Group on Facebook. You can find a few videos and lives with me on various yoga teaching related subjects.

The Fit Position 2019

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