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Since 2017, Amy Leonard-King has been offering Teacher Mentorship both in an intimate group setting and privately with teachers working 1:1 to hone their skills in this multifaceted art form. If you have a qualification to teach Yoga, but are feeling like you need more guidance, mentoring from an experienced teacher and feedback to guide you in your craft, working with Amy will offer you skills and guidance in the practical aspects of teaching Yoga classes to allow you to share these teachings uniquely and with true authenticity. Amy invites you to join her to either delve into specific aspects of the art of teaching Yoga with single 1:1 sessions, or the full program across 12 weekly sessions, building the layers of this intricate and demanding role in our modern times of teaching authentically and with true meaning and purpose, and to give your students the kind of experience on the mat that propelled you on your own path with Yoga. Whether you are hoping to gain the confidence to put together your own classes, or hoping to take yourself into place where teaching Yoga becomes your next career path, Amy's experience in all these areas will be available to you under her guidance as a mentor. Working with Amy through the full 12 week program will cover areas including the below, but will always be tailored to the unique needs and desires of each teacher: Teaching with purpose and finding your authentic voice as a teacher Teaching mixed level classes with confidence + ease Building the layers of teaching an effective and complete practice Providing useful + safe hands on assists whilst refining your understanding of ‘alignment’ Sharing the more subtle and philosophical aspects of Yoga in your classes, giving both you and your students the depth of practice that truly transforms The practices of Yoga are ancient and sacred, and it is up to us as Yoga teachers in these times to keep the tradition alive by passing on teachings in an authentic and meaningful way. Learn how to build the layers of your teaching such that your guidance can be both grounded in it's ancient origins, and also accessible to your students living their modern day lives now..

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